Joshua William Dun was born on 18th June 1988, (so, he became 30 today) in Columbus, Ohio, ABD. He is a drummer in a band which is called twenty one pilots.
Okay, these were the simplest facts about our birthday boy.
It is hard for me to explain but he changed my thoughts and my approaches to the world. His music, his smile, his speeches I mean all things about him make me feel better. Most of the times he looks funny and he always makes us laugh but inside he is both emotional and sensitive. I don't want him to be sad, he deserves to be happy.

However, even if I am trying, I am not able to talk about him without Tyler because they do everything together. They gave me the sunny days, not just Tyler or not just Josh.

Josh is very good at playing the drums and he learnt it by himself. I think it is incredible.
Moreover, he makes really good music with his drums. (I'm blessed) He and Tyler do their bests and they try to explain many things that have to be known and realized. Their music is so ineffable that (as you see) I can't describe it and also my fondness clearly. So,

here are some songs of them you should listen:

isle of flightless birds
lane boy
message man
ode to sleep
the judge (as I remember this is the favourite song of him in blurryface)
fairly local
guns for hands

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also, you can check my collection about twenty one pilots:

Happy birthday Josh, clique loves you so much!

twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and josh dun image

stay alive frens |-/