disclaimer:: these coping skills will not work for everyone. This is just what I do when I am feeling anxious and overwhelmed

Good morning WHI ☀️

~ I'm going to start out by saying that I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder when I was in 7th grade, and since then I have been trying to master how to cope and overcome the feelings I get that comes with day-to-day life. I hope these tips help someone 💛

Deep breathing

🌻If I start feeling anxious or overwhelmed, I will try to stop whatever I'm doing and take some time to clear my head
🌻Breathing in its nature is therapeutic. You can look up ways on the internet or I have an app on my apple watch that guides me through the breathing.
🌻Deep breathing helps expand your lungs, get oxygen to fill your whole body, and help you think clearly and relax

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Cuddle with my dogs

🌻This may sound silly to some people, but with me it's a lifesaver. My dogs are my babies and being with them and petting them calms me.
🌻They can sense when I'm upset so they'll come and lay down next to me and their presence calms me down and reminds me that everything will be okay
🌻Again, it doesn't have to be a dog. If you have pets whether it be cats, dogs, hamsters, a lizard, etc. any will work

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Animals are so pure and kind

Talk to someone

🌻A lot of times when I am extremely anxious and on the verge of a breakdown, I need to talk to someone I trust to get it all out
🌻I will talk to my mom. My mom is always so supportive and helpful when I am feeling out of sorts, and hearing her voice talking me through whatever is happening helps me immensely
🌻I have two amazing girl friends who I can always talk to about being overwhelmed and they will never act like they have something better to do or tired of listening to be vent. They both struggle with anxiety as well and are the most kind-hearted, strong, beautiful, and badass girls I know.
🌻Of course, I'll talk to my boyfriend. He can tell if I am feeling anxious within minutes of the pit in my stomach settling in. He holds me, talks me through it, rubs my back or plays with my hair, he'll let me just cry until there are no tears left, reminds me that everything will be okay and that he loves me, and will immediately get my mind off of it. One time after an anxiety attack, he left work early, showed up to my house unexpected with a bouquet of flowers. He has been a godsend in my life and I do not deserve him

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🌻Exercise is known to be calming and therapeutic, but for me it really works
🌻If I'm very anxious or upset, I'll go to the gym, for a run, a bike ride, etc.
🌻It get my endorphins pumping and my blood flowing and I feel more energetic and more alive

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Shower or take a bath

🌻Turn that shower on to the temperature you desire or draw up a nice bath
🌻use good-smelling oils or light some candles or both
🌻I turn on calming music from a playlist on spotify and let the warm water run over my body. It makes me feel alive and calmer
🌻To me, standing in the shower with the water running over me or sitting in a nice warm, sweet-smelling bath is very therapeutic

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Drawing or Journaling

🌻I personally do not use these techniques, but I know that they work for a lot of people.
🌻Journaling helps you get all your thoughts and feelings out on paper, so they are no longer bottled up
🌻Or, if you do not want to write drawing is a great way to express your feelings in a different way!

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and sometimes even if I do all of these, I still have a panic attack or breakdown. It happens, but I do not let it ruin my day or ruin me. Anxiety happens and sometimes no matter how you cope, it can be too much; but that's okay. We are all strong and powerful individuals who have bad days sometimes, but don't let it define you, go out and kick ass!