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Magic - a bridge. The bridge, which you can go from the visible world into the invisible world.

Night is just part of the day.

Every day of every person is night darkness. Nobody knows what will happen in the next moment, but people still go ahead.

Love is a force that brings us together again to gather experience scattered throughout many lives around the world.

Look at the sky. After all, it is the same as it was thousands of years ago.

Great love is above all in this world.

Words are sometimes more powerful than many sacraments and rituals.

If you want to know something, get into it with your head.

There is no risk in love, and soon you will understand this yourself. For thousands of years people have been looking for and finding each other.

What is outside is more difficult to change than what is inside.

Love is the key to understanding all secrets.

Never stop doubting. If doubts suddenly left you, know - you stopped halfway.

Always be on your guard: do not let your doubts paralyze you. Take all the decisions you deem appropriate, even if you're not entirely sure, not 100 percent convinced that you've judged correctly.

Where there is a question - there must be an answer.

If everyone fulfills his destiny, no one will ever suffer again.

There is no other way to approach people, how to become one of them.

Never be ashamed of anything. Accept everything that life offers you, try to drink from all the bowls that stand before you. It is necessary to taste every wine, but only to sip, and to another - to drunk drunk.

Love is the only bridge from the visible to the invisible. This is the only language that can be translated lessons, which the Creation daily gives to the human race.

Love is first and foremost freedom.