Name : Allison Roman

Known for Being A: Songwriter and Model

Her Appearance:

Image removed makeup, eyebrows, and beauty image girl, glasses, and makeup image body, fashion, and girl image
She is a well-known model with beautiful features. Her heart is precious like a gold. Nobody can compare her to anyone.

Her Style:

  • Street Style
fashion image fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image
She loves designer clothes and colors like black and white suits her well.
  • Beach Style
bikini and swimsuit image beauty, fashion, and baddie image beach, bikini, and body image tumblr, baddie, and body goals image
She loves to flaunt her body and wearing bikinis makes her feel more confident of herself.
  • On the Carpet Style
dress, model, and red carpet image fashion, dress, and style image
During Award Shows she loves to make her gowns over the top since she is a model in where she would also endorse the clothes she wore.
  • Met Gala Style
dress, fashion, and white image dress, wedding dress, and white image dress, fashion, and beauty image kylie jenner, fashion, and met gala image
A Met Gala to her feels like she's a princess. She likes to wear beautiful gowns that would make her a Disney princess.


shoes, fashion, and pink image nike, shoes, and sneakers image fashion, shoes, and slipper image girl and heels image
Even though she is a expert in wearing heels but she most likely prefer sneakers.

Celebrity Friends:

kendall jenner, kylie jenner, and gigi hadid image kylie jenner, kendall jenner, and hailey baldwin image kylie jenner, kendall jenner, and gigi hadid image kylie jenner, kendall jenner, and gigi hadid image
She is so thankful to have best friends like this.


boy, neels visser, and guy image boy, neels visser, and rose image
Neels Visser would be her boyfriend. She love him to death and people would always say they are a match made in heaven.