Hello! As you know that i'm big marvel fan. So let's go:)

1.Favorite Male Character:

spiderman, tom holland, and Marvel image spiderman, tom holland, and Marvel image
Peter Parker

2.Favorite Female Character:

Marvel, scarlet witch, and wanda maximoff image Avengers, elizabeth olsen, and scarlet witch image
Wanda Maximoff

3.Favorite Villain:

Mature image Avengers, civil war, and Marvel image
Bucky Barnes

4.Favorite Avenger:

gif, chris hemsworth, and avengers: infinity war image Avengers, gif, and thor image
Thor Odinson
Mature image chris pratt, fitspo, and guardians of the galaxy image
5.Favorite Gaurdian: Star Lord

6.Favorite Asgardian:

loki, Marvel, and mcu image loki odinson image

7. Favorite marvel movie:

background, Hulk, and Marvel image gif, Marvel, and thor image
Thor Ragnarok

8. Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

Marvel, captain america, and civil war image captain america, civil war, and winter soldier image
Team Cap