i just wanted to rant a little so just sip the tea along with me.

so lately ive been staying up very long bc..well i dont know. im a fucking teen or whatever. but i found myself scrolling through movies to see a couple of times and i heard that many have already seen the love, simon movie. so i was so fucking jealous bc where i live the release date was june 15th.

gif image

but then a couple of days before i found it so i watched it and now im obsessed. i just love it so much. its like my baby. and i love the song strawberries and cigarettes by troye sivan

troye sivan, boy, and troye image

i also noticed ppl giving like bad reviews about it. i really dont get why. some wrote that the main character was too masculine or something. i dont get it. why focus on such small, unimportant things? like dont u have anything better to do?

i guess it just makes me pissed bc all ppl are different. some are masculine others feminine some are both. like why does it matter? let ppl be whatever they want and whoever they want (as long as it doesnt hurt someone).

anyway i saw it alone and then i watched it again with my sister. halfway through the movie my mom and dad decided to join. i was terrified bc they didnt know it was a LGBTQ+ movie. they are not traditional but sometimes conservative i would say. but they enjoyed it...i think. omg at the end when Bram and Simon kissed. holy shit.

gay, gif, and movie image

i thought my dad was gonna die. but intead my dad made an "eeeuww" comment. it was ofc a joke bc he always fucks with us bc me and my sister are activists.
he only wanted to see our reaction.

gif, love simon, and nick robinson image

anyway its a great movie and i totally get the hype. watch it. 11/10

i also watched midnight sun which was also very good. typical teenage romance kind of shit. very sad at the end.

midnight sun, bella thorne, and patrick schwarzenegger image

hes hot. moving on. 8/10

midnight sun and patrick schwarzenegger image

and then lastly i watched every day .

gif, kiss, and every day image

holy butthole. it was so fucking good. no but seriously 2018 delivered some pretty good LGBTQ+ movies but i wish for more. 10/10

now to the music
ive been listening to some songs over and over again. here they come.

let me by zayn
entertainer also by zayn
strawberries and cigarettes by troye sivan as i mentioned
utan dig - newkid version by molly sanden and newkid
audio by sia
belo by senidah
sladana by senidah
trance by milan stankovic

and thats actually about it. sorry for making it so long but i hope u enjoyed it and watch the movies i wrote about. dont be mean. now bye.