I wanted to talk about something in common with teenagers:Travelling.I have never leaved the place that I live.So here are 5 places that I want to visit.

Okay so Spain is such a special place for me,even though I have never seen it in real life.The buildings,the musicians that plays music on the street,the streets...Oh God I really need to visit Spain,not only Barcelona.( y yo hablo español para 1 año jajajja)

Barcelona, city, and spain image

I feel liike this is such a classic.The atmosphere of this city makes me want to cry.The Eiffel Tower of course!!!It is magical(actually it is made of some kind of metal but it is pretty)The vibe of this city is absolutely amazing.I really want to visit this place.

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First of all,I realized that I am so basic :D This cities are everybody's dream places so,let's continue.
Do I have to tell something about this place?It is historic,that makes me emotional.

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4.London,United Kingdom
My mom really wants to visit this placefor approximately 30 years but she didn't got the chance yet :( (I really don't know much about this city but I heard that it usually has cloudy weather.)

london, Big Ben, and city image

5.New York,United States of America
Oh my God okay yes so we all know the lyrics of 'Empire State of Mind'.If you don't know,let me remind you: ...In New York,concrete jungle where dreams are made of... This is so ICONIC.Like I really want to get lost behind the buildings.I want to see the Times Square.

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So you just read my dream vacation places.I hope that I will be able to visit this places,maybe I can live in one of them,who knows?
If you have your favourite places from this countries , please tell me about them.
Thanks for reading it!