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So, anyway, I'm for sure in need of some fresh ideas for my gram - and, since you're here, you probably do too! Don't you worry your pretty little heads, though. I got you covered.

Here's Five Ideas For Your Next Instagram Post!


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Yeah, yeah, I know it's an old tag but don't think it's overused! I love seeing what my favorite 'grammers are wearing.

2. Thank You / I Admire You / Thinking Of You

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A thank you post is a great way to share who you look up to while letting said person know just how much you care about them. Make sure you say why and what for!

3. Friends

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Staying on that admiration note, snapping a great picture with your best friend/s can make for a fabulous post!


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Hair of the day isn't a tag? It totally should be. And also makeup of the day. That needs to be a thing too.

5. Behind The Scenes

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Who's taking the photo? How do you prepare for the photo? An inside look into the goings-on of my favorite Instagram is always so very exciting!

So, there you have it. Five ideas for your next 'gram. I hope you'll find them useful!

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