hi lovelies!
so around a month ago i challenged myself to eat clean and healthy while working out often and honestly it has been difficult but it is so rewarding and can even be fun sometimes
I thought i would share some tips with you on how to try and maintain a healthy diet
tip #1

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make sure that you want to start a healthy lifestyle not just for the reason of losing weight but to take care of your body and give it good food!
of course we all want that toned body and that is absolutely fine as long as you aren't counting your calories incessantly and limiting the amount of food you consume because that is not what eating healthy is about
also don't compare your body to some of pretty pictures of models on weheartit because it isn't fair and like i said they are models with dietitians and personal trainers so instead use them as motivation and don't compare!!!
tip #2
- count your calories

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as i mentioned before counting your calories can be used extremely but this is optional and just helps to make sure you are aware of how much you are consuming per day because it can help better understand why you may be gaining weight etc
counting calories helped me better understand how many calories were in basic foods and encouraged looking at the nutritional values and ingredients of what i was eating
tip #3
- use a diet app

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this is similar to tip #2 but using a diet app really helps you know how much calcium, vitamins, iron etc that you are getting which is really good
tip #4
- throw away bad food

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yes you can eat all that junk food and binge one last time before you go on your diet and this is important because having that bad food will tempt you and when you're hungry you will lose it and trust me i know
so get rid of it buy only healthy food so therefore there is no way you can break the diet
tip #5
- treat yourself

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make sure to have a cheat day every week but not like full on thousands of calories feast because this will make you want that bad food much more during the week and will ruin the hard work you did during the week
i like to treat myself on a saturday which will include having that chocolate or ice cream treat
tip #6
- drink water

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water is so important and beneficial in many ways:
increases energy and relives fatigue, flushes out bad toxins, clears your skin and boosts metabolism!
i encourage 3-4 litres a day and if you don't like water that much try detox water and trust me the fruit makes it taste really good while getting extra nutrience from the fruit!

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sorry that this is really long, i tend to ramble and go on and on but i hope you enjoyed and find some of this helpful
i wish you luck being healthy and you can do this!!