I used to be the kind of person that would spend hours on her makeup but then I got lazy and decided to do this instead. It looks like you have little to no makeup on and it looks pretty good in my opinion.

step 1- skincare
- cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face along with anything else that you do for skincare.

step 2- eyebrows
- everybody does their eyebrows differently with different products so just do what you normally would do.

step 3- concealer
just put a dot of concealer on any pimples you have. ( If you have really bad acne and you feel more comfortable with foundation on, you can put primer, then foundation on before this step and blend it in). Blend in the concealer with a damp beauty blender.

step 4- powder
I use the Fenty beauty translucent powder and it's amazing. Just take a big fluffy brush and run it over the spots you put concealer to set it in place.

step 5- mascara
This parts pretty self-explanatory. Start from your roots and gently wiggle it up to the tips of your eyelashes.

step 6- bronzer
put some bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks, the top and sides of your forehead, and your jawline.

step 7- blush
just put a little on your cheekbones, not too much.

step 8- highlighter
This is optional but I just put some on the tops of my cheekbones because it makes me happy.

and that's my makeup routine! I'll be posting my favorite products and brushes soon!

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