au: don't worry! I won't hate you because I like you too much!
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tae: so happy hahahaha

au: me too I can't even express all my happiness

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au: ...can I do something?

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Tae: yeah you can do whatever you want

au: close your eyes

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she hugs him and squeezes him
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tae: *I thought she would kiss me, she's so cute

tae: *I can't even breathe

he holds her
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tae: now you're mine

au: you're making me blush

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au: but really what do you like about me

tae: all, I think, what about you?
au: me too, especially the fact that you can be very cute but also hot
tae: ahh hahaha *embarrassed

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au: so cute hahahaha and since when do you like me?
tae: I don't know maybe when you took my hand running to your apartment
au: hahahahaha for me is the same I think... but... I still can't believe it!
tae: what I have to do to make you believe me?

tae comes near her neck and gives her a love bite
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au: *his hot side...
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tae: now you're definitely mine, okay?
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they lie down hugging each other
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tae: let's stay like this for a while

au: you know I'm so happy it turned out like this that I want to scream
tae: hahahahaha

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he pets her head

au: can you sing for me? I love your deep voice
he starts singing

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they fall asleep

Audrey wakes up and look at tae sleeping *so cute... I don't want to let him go

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she squeezes him and tae wakes up

tae: what happened?
au: you were too cute
tae: hahahaha
au: so today is saturday what do you want to do?
tae: why don't we go out together as a couple for the first time?
au: sure, but what to do?
tae:I want it to be something special and different...
au: me too
tae: mmh what about doing things that we've never done in our life?
au: oh yeah, I like it!!!
tae: starting from now
au: ah so... I've never worn a guy sweater
tae: I'll lend you mine

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au: *I'm wearing his sweatshirt!!

tae: for me... I've never cooked breakfast for a girl
au: hahahaha good luck but don't destroy the kitchen
tae: hahaha don't worry!

to be countinued...