Well sometimes i just don’t know how to act okay, while i’m not. it sucks to always be the good girl, the one who always cares about the others but receives nothing but sadness in return.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not kind to people because I want a reward back. I just want to be loved too.

People treat me like a stupid because I'm always kind but they don't get it that being kind and being stupid are not connected things, at all.

Why can't I be loved the way I give love to people?

I just want to be happy with someone who truly loves me, is it too much to ask?

I know I'm not perfect, surely I do make mistakes too, but does it mean I don't deserve to be loved, to be happy?

If any of you feel the same way or has any kind of problem, I'll be happy to listen to you and help you here or in my Instagram direct

Stay strong guys, it'll be fine.