Hi everyone! Right now I am sitting at mom work and decided to write to WHI

•My name is Lena

•I’m from Russia

•I’m really want to speach to English and writing articles

•Because im study now, i m so so so sorry if you notice a mistakes. Some mistakes. MANY MISTAKES. But im gonna be ok and better with new days🤩😊

•i m vegetarian and I want to tell you about my successes

•I LOVE PANIC AT THE DISCO ALL OF MY HEART.the neighbourhood Imagine Dragon, 5 second of summer, Lana(fantastic woman) Del Ray and etc. cause I really don’t remember all of my favorite singers.

•On my article you can see posts about serials, films, German, sport(yoga ,meditation) and many many things.

music, the 1975, and arctic monkeys image

I hope you guys a little interested in me and subscribe to me. there will soon be many posts. You like me💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖