just some little random facts about myself for ya my dudes


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my name is evelyn duque, most of my friends call me eve. my godfather although, calls me dora, that name will never leave my ears. long story short i was ab 12 and got an unforgettable haircut...


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i am 18 years old, my birthday is on February 7 and i am a proud aquarius!

some basic stuff

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im pretty short, 4'9... 1/2 to be exact, i wear glasses, im a very shy person and get nervous ab many things for no reason, my best friend's name is sam, i have two bros and my mum, i have a dog named buddy and a bajillion cats, i like hedgehogs and elephants, adore rings, recently graduated high school. oh im also Mexican and was also born in houston, texas.


i love reading so much, i haven't always been such a huge bookworm. ok maybe yes i have, but i didn't know. when i was younger, as in elementary school, id read all of the junie b. jones books and also these other creepy books but i forgot the name of the series. in middle school id read this series called american chillers nonstop, also these weird poem books. until high school, it was when i realized that i adored reading with a passion. books take me somewhere nothing and no one else can. i seriously don't know who id be without books.

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space, i am obsessed with outer space. black holes, planets, stars, nebulas, moons, ALIENS. i may not know every little thing there is to know but im slowly learning. my favorite planet is neptune, favorite exoplanet is eris, favorite moon is callisto, favorite nebulas are carina, orion, and tarantula. i have many more favorites but those are my big favorites. ive met only one other person who likes astronomy, well two but the other one was bc of me, i got her interested in it and i am pretty proud of that if i do say so myself ツ


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so i recently came out to my best friend after so long ab my sexuality. i am bisexual. ive kept that secret for so long, ive only just came out to my close friends. i am also currently dating this one dude, hes pretty coooooool. ive liked girls before, obvi couldn't do anything ab it because one, i wasn't out yet and two, they were straight. i realized it when i was a small little pup, i was just doing me and suddenly i was like ohhhh okay so this is how its gon be then huh.


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i like writing, not like as in oh i have great vocabulary and want to be an author, but like i like writing down short stories ab the little imaginative ideas i think of, i like writing my feelings down, i like writing cool quotes, i like writing notes, just anything tbh. i have a plethora of journals filled with anything. all of which are unfinished because i continue to buy more. i also love to sketch, mostly female bodies because of the curves and features. journaling is my thang my dudes.

just extra little things

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im really into fantasy and scifi things. i freaking love dragons. really into the 1800s. the future is also pretty flippin cool. im currently reading this book called jackaby and the setting and era is just insanely perfect. my favorite reads are the legend trilogy by marie lu. i love shadowhunters with all of my heart. rami malek is the loml. so is alberto rosende. shoot frank dillane too. oh and i cant forget ab rosa salazar, thats my woman. i love chemistry, science in general. have a huge thing for pens. HATE SLUGS AND WORMS. really picky eater and i hate that ab myself. favorite movies are interstellar and queen of the damned. all time fav song is mystery of love or biking solo. love the wizarding world. moonchild. love nature-y vintage stuff. brown is probably my third fav color, after red and blue. PROUD GRYFFINDOR AND WAMPUS.