~ Hello Magnificent&Majestic people ~

My new segment will be a creative journey with:

Characters (Male and/or female)

Different short plot lines (more images than words)

Love interests (Some of them)

ALL genres (hopefully) Supernatural, Fictional, Dark, Angst, Fluff, Ordinary setting with unordinary people, etc

Characters will have hidden traits or things that are related to me but apart from that they have to be the complete opposite of me

↬ If it turns out to be closer to a lengthy fic than an article thingy, sorry in advance i probably didnt even realise how long it was.

↬ Will take requests as time goes by and if this is successful

↬ Im just doing it for FUN, its not that deep. Even if it flops, ill still write coz it makes me happy.

Thats all, See ya.