Hi, guys. Welcome to a new article of mine.

Today I'm doing the 100 questions challenge, so let's get started!

1. Name?


2. Nickname?


3. Height?

-168 cm

4. Colour of your eyes?


5. Colour of your hair?

-Dark brown

6. Hobby?

-I don't have any, but I love listening to music. reading and writing.

7. Dream job?


8. Do you prefer hugs or kisses?

-Definitely hugs

9. Do you have any pets?

-yes, I have 6 dogs

10. Fave music genre?

- I'd say pop

11. Have you ever been abroad?

-Yes, only twice with the school. I wrote about that in one of my articles if you're interested in Spain or Germany.

12. Fave social network?

- Instagram, for sure
(https://www.instagram.com/mir.ianaa/ if you want to follow me)

13. Have you ever cried for love?

-of course, I have

14. Piercing?


15. Tattoos?

- no, but I'm definitely going to get some

16. Do you smoke?

-nope, I don't like the idea of it

17. Have you ever been drunk?

-nope, I hate the thought of not being able to control myself.

18. Do you like singing?

- a lot, even though I'm not good at it, at all

19 . Fave TV show?

-I haven't seen a lot of tv series, but I'd say, Teen Wolf.

20. Fave food?


21. Do you have a song you're attached to?

-I have some that are important for me for different reasons, but I'd go with "Who Says" by Selena Gomez

22. Pizza or pasta?

-definitely pizza

23. Do you like ice cream?


24. Summer or Winter?

- I love them both, but I prefer Winter

25. How many languages do you speak?

-I speak 4 languages. Italian since I'm Italian, English, Spanish and German.

So here we are, hope you have enjoyed this article.

I'll see you in my next one, bye.


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