as i sit here and think of what i'm going to say, to try and explain my situation, a million words and sentences come to mind, but none do the situation justice. I am currently scared to go to school, as it has received a shooting threat from a mentally disturbed ex-classmate of mine. that completely broke my heart. it didn't break it in a way that a boyfriend or a girlfriend would, it broke it as a death or a loss in the family would. he has tried to commit suicide but instead ended up in a mental facility. but it made me think about how much i've hated people instead of loving them. people say we weren't put on this earth to master unconditional love, but to find something deeper. my something deeper is an understanding of people's own emotions and how i need to become more content with myself and who i am, because i used to hate everything about myself. "you can't love someone else if you don't love yourself."
kisses k.