Hey! Feeling like watching a good movie but can't find one? Here are some very varied recommendations of movies that I enjoyed. Hopefully this saves you from the everlasting movie choosing ;).


• Baywatch

baywatch image movie, movies, and zac efron image alexandra daddario image baywatch image
A hilarious movie about life guards and unsolved murders. + Zac Efron, Dwayne Johnson and Alexandra Daddario.

• Johnny English Reborn

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An action-comedy that'll make even the most serious people smile.

• 21 Jump Street

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A funny movie with funny actors.

• 22 Jump Street

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If you didn't get enough of 21 Jump Street, here's 22 Jump Street.

• The Millers

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One of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Starring some great actors like Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts and Will Poulter.


• The Maze Runner -trilogy

maze runner image the maze runner, human, and quotes image
An excellent match for action/dystopia lovers. Contains strong friendships, mystery and lots of running. Plus great actors like Dylan O'Brian, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Will Poulter!

• The Hunger Games -series

hunger games, catching fire, and katniss everdeen image
the hunger games, mockingjay, and katniss image
You've probably watched it already, but why don't you watch it again? :)


• Inception

cinema, city, and dreams image leonardo dicaprio, inception, and movie image Dream, movie, and quotes image inception, Dream, and gif image
This is a movie where you've to concentrate to understand, but when you do, it's just wow. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

• Shutter Island

shutter island, movie, and leonardo dicaprio image
An intense thriller that'll blow your mind. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo.


• What to expect when you are expecting

Image by Ana Sofia SK
Contains drama, humor, romance, many known actors and lot's of parents.

• The Kissing Booth

the kissing booth image best friends, jacob elordi, and lee flynn image
joey king, the kissing booth, and jacob elordi image
A forbidded romance with your best friend's brother. What could go wrong?

• Grazy Stupid Love

emma stone, ryan gosling, and crazy stupid love image aesthetic, films, and movie aesthetic image
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A hilarious rom-com starring Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell.

• The DUFF

Inspiring Image on We Heart It the duff, movie, and robbie amell image the duff and bella thorne image robbie amell, the duff, and Hot image
Don't like cliché rom-coms? This one's for you.

• You Again

movie and you again image
Enemies everywhere ;D.

End of the world

• 2012

survived, 2012, and like a boss image
A great story about a family's escape during the end of the world.

• The Day After Tomorrow

jake gyllenhaal and boy image apocalypse, flood, and ice age image
We know about the greenhouse effect. But how extreme could it really be?

• The 5th Wave

zombie, la quinta ola, and cassie sullivan image zombie and ben parish image
The book was just amazing, but the movie's also about survival, love and friendship.

• San Andreas

san andreas image Dwayne Johnson and san andreas image Dwayne Johnson, alexandra daddario, and san andreas image san andreas 3d wiki image
A movie about what scientist predict that'll happen in California in the near future.


• The Fault in Our Stars

movie, the fault in our stars, and love image okay, wallpaper, and the fault in our stars image
You've probably watched this, too, but the story's just so powerful that I had to put it on the list.

• Flipped

flipped image flipped, movie, and callan mcauliffe image
A cute love story about two neighbours.

• Dear John

love, couple, and dear john image channing tatum and dear john image
A romantic drama-war film starring Amanda Seyfied and Channing Tatum.

• Safe Heaven

love, couple, and safe haven image
A woman is escaping from her old life and finds her safe heaven.

Science Fiction

• Interstellar

Image removed brand, dimensions, and easel image
An incredible story that'll make you think just how short our lives are and to enjoy the time we have.

• Jurassic World (2015)

jurassic world and chris pratt image
Action, Chris Pratt, dinosaurs, great story, survival. What else do you need?


• The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

benjamin button, movie, and quote image benjamin button, cate blanchett, and brad pitt image Image by Skyaliens Image by ENDO Jaky
One of the most powerful stories I have ever seen.

Coming to Age

• The Perks of Being a Wallflower

logan lerman, alone, and quotes image emma watson, logan lerman, and the perks of being a wallflower image b&w, charlie, and logan lerman image quotes, life, and logan lerman image
A story about a lonely teen, who finally belongs. Makes you ride the same rollercoaster of emotions that teens ride every day.


beautiful, boyfriend, and girl image
A story about what's to be young and wild these days, and also what's to be a parent. Starring Miley Cyrus.

• The Edge of Seventeen

the edge of seventeen image gif image
quotes, movie, and grunge image the edge of seventeen image
Many teens can relate and that's what makes this movie so good.


• Olympus Has Fallen

Action, movie, and i love this movie image
A great action package.

• London Has Fallen

Aaron Eckhart, gerard butler, and morgan freeman image
london has fallen image london has fallen image
An even better action package. While watching this movie, I just could't take my eyes off the screen.

• White House Down

channing tatum and white house down image
Just noticed how many Channing Tatum movies I've on this list. Don't miss this one!


• All Marvel movies

Avengers, black widow, and captain america image iron man, captain america, and Marvel image
Avengers, black panther, and captain america image
Image removed chris evans, iron man, and poster image
My favorite movies at the moment. Just watch them. You won't regret it.

• The Amazing Spiderman

spiderman, the amazing spiderman, and andrew garfield image andrew garfield and spiderman image emma stone, andrew garfield, and couple image spiderman, andrew garfield, and emma stone image
Great Spiderman movie. Starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

• Wonder Woman

DC, superhero, and gal gadot image actor, chris pine, and movie image
Finally a female superhero with her own movie. I'm not really a Justice League fan, but this was an exception.


• Sherlock Holmes

sherlock holmes and robert downey jr image robert downey jr, sherlock holmes, and jude law image quotes, sherlock holmes, and robert downey jr image gif, johnlock, and jude law image
Hilarious, mind-blowing, amazing. Holmes and Watson's friendship is just irreplaceable. Starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

• Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows

jude law, rdj, and robert downey jr image actor, jude law, and movie image
If you enjoyed the first one, you'll definitely enjoy this one.


• Harry Potter -series

harry potter, john green, and real image harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image harry potter, hogwarts, and together image harry potter, hogwarts, and home image
I would be surprised if you haven't watched them already, but here you go anyway.


• The Wave (Bølgen)

iceland, lake, and winter image
A good Norwegian disaster movie.

• The Unknown Soldier (Tuntematon sotilas)

finland, nature, and forest image army, cold, and finland image finland, men, and Hot image snow, winter, and nature image
This movie's about how Finland, a country in the north of Europe, kept it's independence from Russia during WW2. I myself am from Finland and school made us watch this specific movie. At first I thought it was gonna be just a very boring school trip to the cinema, but in the end the movie was so powerful that I went and watched it again. It may be that I liked it just because it's about my country and it was incredible to watch how my grandpa lived at his time, but if you're even slightly into history, then I truly recommend it to you.


• Pompeii

cinema, film, and milo image Mature image
pompeii, couple, and kiss image
A powerful story about two lovers in the middle of unfortunate events.

• The Book Thief

book, movie, and the book thief image book, the book thief, and max image
There were bookworms in WW2, too.

• The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

actor, black & white, and boy image movie, sad, and friends image
A touching story about two innocent boys on the boots of war.

Based on a true story

• The Impossible

tom holland image the impossible, ewan mcgregor, and family image the impossible image children, thomas, and the impossible image
The most powerful story I've ever seen. This is the true story of one family's struggle of survival after the tsunami in 2004.

• First they killed my father

angkor wat, photography, and travel cambodia image asia, Cambodia, and dance image
A movie directed by Angelina Jolie. A true story how a 5-year-old girl tried to survive with his family amid the sudden rise of Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

• Hidden Figures

hidden figures, movie, and nasa image movie, black skin, and janelle monae image aerospace, nasa, and space image earth and hand image
The untold story of three women working as mathematics at NASA. They did remarkable job there, but got no glory of it because of their race. I warmly recommend this.

• The Duchess

beautiful, girl, and dress image beautiful, fashion, and the duchess image
A girl who did a wrong choice when she was young, has to live with the consequences of her choices as a duchess.


• Mamma Mia

Image by Julia Rivard
A fun musical with lot's of family drama.

• The Greatest Showman

hugh jackman and the greatest showman image zac efron and the greatest showman image love and the greatest showman image gif, the greatest showman, and zac efron image
I'm not a big fan of musicals, but I just couldn't not like this.


• Secrets of underground London

london image
London is know for it's great culture, sights and history. But did you know that there's much more under this impressive city?

• Peru - un tesoro perdido

machu, peru, and picchu image
Many may be wondering, what's so interesting about some random country in Latin America. Watch this documentary and see that more than you might think.


• Lights Out

gif, lights, and teresa palmer image
Be ready to be terrified of the darkness.

• The Conjuring 2

Image removed horror, nun, and thenun image
film, gif, and horror image
context_query=the+conjuring+2&context_type=search A greatly frightening movie with a good story.

• IT (2017)

it, bill skarsgård, and beverly marsh image
This isn't that scary of a horror movie (if you're not scared of clowns), but the characters and the friendship is just so pure that it makes your heart warm even in the coldest of scenes.

• Annabelle 2

annabelle 2 and annabelle creation image
I heard that the first Annabelle wasn't very good, but I assure you that second won't disappoint.

Thank you for reading and hopefully you got some ideas!