So recently I have been going through profound and positive changes in my life. I wanted to share them to maybe help inspire you all to do similar things. As humans, we all have amazing potential inside of us, instincts and the power the manifest our desires. They are often untapped but when unleashed they help us find profound power and happiness.

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Recently I unwillingly went through a Kundalani Awankening. You can message me if you have any questions on this but I will link two different articles that help explain. It can be brought on any number of things, but usually divine change and spiritual growth. I myself lost a lot of former friends and really came into my own as a person. I had been doing meditations and stuff for a while (truthfully I think I am predisposed to that kind of thing, it does not take much for me to meditate or sense my inner spirit and magic.) I noticed symptoms like bolts of energy, unexplained tension in my body, connections to a greater spirit world etc. I started to do research and I really felt in my heart I was going through a Kundalini awakening. So I did a special meditation to focus that energy and focused on what the Kundalini prompts us to do, which is listening to our own inner intuition and focusing our creating our future, letting go of the past.

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Kundalini Articles

It is very important that you be prepared and slowly and carefully awaken your Kundalini. If done wrong or impulsively it can cause unpleasant symptoms or put you in danger, because it supercharges your body with energy, your body needs to be prepared to handle that energy. But the good news is you do not need Kundalini awakening to access your potential!

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It really comes down to three simple things. But again, message me if you want a specific article for these things. Or advice and more details on them.

Know yourself
I say this all the time, but it is true! You can not be happy if you don't know what would make you happy. And you won't know that unless you know who you are. There are tons of ways to do this! Journal, talk to loved ones, take quizzes, meditate on it, try new things. But take time to get to know who you are! It is truly the most important thing.

If you know yourself you can also take care of yourself. Maybe meditation makes you feel good or yoga or journaling or baths. But if you know how to make yourself feel better you are empowered to make yourself feel better.

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Access the spirit world
Everyone needs something to believe in. Even if it is as simple as world peace, or spreading the love. When we grow up we are inclined to take whatever religion our parents take. But that is not good. We need to believe in something for ourselves. I did a lot of research on world religions and spirituality. I chose to focus on Aphrodite, Bael, Artemis, and Lucifer because they represent love, sacrifice, fertility, truth an light. You can look into finding your own spirit animals or guides. But it really is a comfort to have something you believe in to get you through the day. And know that there are more powerful beings or spirits looking out for you specifically and helping you. I also believe they may be able to help you with miracles.

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If you want good things to happen you have to believe in them. You have to constantly look for opportunities and try things that will get you what you want. Many people have found that writing down what they want, talking about, meditating on it, makes it more likely to happen. It doesn't guarantee it, but constantly knowing what you want, repeating it and being open to it is bound to help. Believe that you will achieve happiness, even if it takes time!

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