4 favorite actresses

lily collins and pretty image fashion and melissa mccarthy image lindsey morgan image actress, beauty, and dresses image
Lily Collins, Melissa Mccarthy, Lindsey Morgan, Zendaya

4 favorite actors

funny, handsome, and Hot image matthew daddario, shadowhunters, and alec lightwood image Image by pouringrainx timothee chalamet, call me by your name, and pink image
Bob Morley, Matthew Daddario, Nick Robinson, Timothee Chalamet

4 favorite songs ( at the moment )

shawn mendes image quotes, Lyrics, and music image Lyrics, music, and quotes image flowers and poem image
Perfectly Wrong, Let You Down, Youth, Youngblood

4 favorite music artists

shawn mendes and shawn image juan luis, maluma, and maluma baby image luke hemmings, 5sos, and michael clifford image sam smith image
Shawn mendes, Maluma, 5SOS, Sam Smith

4 favorite movies

hugh jackman, michelle williams, and movie image tangled, disney, and rapunzel image titanic, love, and rose image love, love rosie, and couple image
The greatest showman, Tangled, Titanic, Love, Rosie

4 favorite things you own

aesthetic, apple, and fun image Inspiring Image on We Heart It book, library, and vintage image black, gold, and glasses image
Ma laptop, phone, books, glasses (so i can see )

4 things you want to do before you die

before i die, bungee jump, and jump image travel, world, and someday image art, beauty, and drawing image paisaje, tumblr, and fondos image
Bungee Jump, Travel the world, Start a Family, Go on an adventure

4 favorite tv shows

soulmates, eliza taylor, and the 100 image brooklyn nine nine image game of thrones, jon snow, and got image shadowhunters, jace, and simon image
the 100, Brooklyn 99, got, shadowhunters

4 favorite places I want to visit

australia, inspo, and sun image korea, japan, and city image beauty and toronto image summer, beach, and sea image
Sydney, Seoul, Toronto, Bora Bora