Hi, I've been a huge 1D fan for quite a while and just want to show a few of my favorite things involving them :)

My Favorite Member: Niall James Horan (aka Nialler)

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I Have loved Niall since as long as I can remember being a directioner, he respects women, his laugh is the light of my life, he is funny, and not to mention, very, very, ADORABLE. ;)

My Favorite 1D Song: Kiss You

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Kiss You is just an amazing song all on its own I mean the song gave each of the boys great solos and was just very well put together if you ask me :)

My Favorite 1D Song Cover:

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Although Teenage Dirtbag was just a cover to the Original sung by Wheatus, I thought One Direction did and even better job singing it and whoever animated the Boys into superheroes while they were moving all over the stage did an amazing job.

My Favorite 1D Ships: (Narry, Lilo, Larry, and Ziall )

~~~Ok in all honesty I never really Thought about the ships but I think these would be my top 4~~~

Harry Styles, one direction, and niall horan image liam payne, louis tomlinson, and one direction image larry stylinson, larry, and louis tomlinson image one direction, niall horan, and zayn malik image
Narry is just the cutest relationship to me, Lilo is a fun ship name and I love the water wars they've had on stage they always make me smile, Now Larry seems to be a huge one online Harry and Louis just get along so well and I mean have you seen the pictures of Harry wearing the I Love Louis shirt:) Ziall is an adorable cuddly relationship and I just had to add it.

Favorite 1D Album: Take Me Home

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To me this album was just amazing although I did have a really hard decision between this album and the Up All Night album, my decision just really came down to the fact that it's 11:31 pm rn and i'm really tired...

Favorite 1D era: 2012

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I just loved the 2012 1D phase, everyones hair slayed and the band was doing really well and i mean weren't they all just so cute?

The Video Above is really good I recommend watching it

Favorite 1D Music Video: Steal My Girl... or Best Song Ever... I can't decide :)

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The Budget for these videos must have been crazy they were just PER-FECT ;) Cute As a Button Every single one of you !

Cutest 1D Picture you will ever find:

one direction, louis tomlinson, and Harry Styles image
Just had to include this :)

My Only Wish: 1D gets back together before they each hit 30 cause even though I don't care if they each turn Old, Bald, and Fat, i'd PREFER for them to not be any of those things...:)

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Goodbye :) thx for taking time out of your day to maybe read my article XOXOXO