this is a list of 26 things from A-Z that I love ♡♡♡

A - Aaron

baby, cute, and kids image Image by ⚘
Aaron is my little brother and I love him so much :)

B - best friend

friends, beach, and summer image friends, girl, and bffs image
my best friend in the whole world who I could not live without, Evie ღ

C - chocolate

food, chocolate, and cake image Image by Joma
the best tasting thing ever uh!

D - disappearing stress

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when stress lifts off your shoulders. getting work done, achieving goals, a feeling life is taking a turn for the best, smiling for the first time in a while.

E - entertainment

riverdale, cole sprouse, and kj apa image emotions image
tv shows, movies, performances, plays, memes, youtube, entertainment! yas!

F - family

family image family, cute, and lové image
ohana mean family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten ♥

G - gymnastics

yoga, fitness, and motivation image dance, ballet, and dancer image
the sport that makes my heart go 💓💖💘💝💞

H - home

Image by sofia_giaccio31 Image by sofia_giaccio31
I've lived in the same house all my life, I love where I live and it's where I belong 💘

I - imagination + art

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imagination is everywhere- embrace it and put it into art!

J - juice

drink, aesthetic, and peach image orange, fruit, and juice image
I just like juice ok

K - kisses

Image by littlefridd lips, aesthetic, and glitter image
lips r prty cool

L - laughter

girl, friends, and summer image friends, best friends, and friendship image
laughing with your friends so hard you can't breath or talk and you're pissing you pants and choking on your drink- hands down the best feeling ever ;)

M - memes + music + movies

meme and obama image music, party, and concert image boy, girl, and ugh image ferris bueller's day off, movie, and 80s image
too much to love for letter m

N - netflix

netflix, disney, and princess image netflix, room, and bed image

O - overcoming fears

friends, best friends, and goals image girl, summer, and beach image
doing things that seemed too scary before can really change your mindset, and in the end you're so happy that you built up the courage!!

P - progress

quotes, yellow, and progress image healthy and sport image
even if you're not quite there yet, getting somewhere feels great.

Q - quotes

quotes image quote image
a lil happy quote to brighten your day is real good!

R - roof over my head

baby, mummy, and cute image family, baby, and dad image
i'm so grateful to have a roof over my head, and a family that loves me ❤

S - sleepovers

friends, goals, and sleep image Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫
the best thing ever created hands down

T - teamwork

nike, sports, and melanin image beach, sunbathe, and tanned image
working as a team is such a good feeling!

U - underwater

summer, beach, and ocean image girl, summer, and beach image
being underwater is a 10/10 feeling

V - views

summer, girl, and beach image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
seeing beautiful views in real life like on holidays and at the beach and stuff is so great tehe

W - we heart it

casual, style, and cute image fashion, yellow, and style image
love this app aaah

X - i got nothing lol

Y - you!

girl, summer, and pool image holidays, summer life, and friends image
no matter your gender, sexuality or race. you 𝘢𝘳𝘦 loved.

Z - zzz

baby, tangled, and disney image boy, bed, and sleep image
sleeping, duh!