Hello, guys, I'm here for my first Tag play
so Let me introduce myself with this tag

The ABC Tag

A - Age

19 I turn 20 next month

B - Biggest Fear


C - Current Time

7:41 AM

D - Dream

i dream to be successful business women and have my own company

E - Easiest Person To Talk To

i guess my mom

F - Favourite Song (at the moment)

Perfectly Wrong by Shawn Mendes

G - Gamer?

No, But that doesn't mean I don't play I love video games but not so much

H - Hungry for what now?

`PIZZAAAA!!! always and forever `

I - In Love With


J - Jealous Of

No one

K - Kindness?

Needed in this world

L - Last Time You Cried?

Yesterday cuz of a stupid tv show

M - Month of birth


N - Number Of Siblings

5 sisters and 1 brother

O - One Wish

to make my parents proud

P - Person You Last Called

` My Little Sis`

Q - Question You're Always Asked


R - Reasons To Smile

Life, love, family, health and the most important thing is you alive

S - Song Last Sang

Let You Down by NF

T - Time You Woke Up

Haven't Slept

U - Underwear Colour

None of your damn business

V - Vacation Destination

Canada 🇨🇦

W - Worst Habit

Eating my lips

X - X-Rays You've Had


Y - Your Favourite Food

Pizza, Pasta

Z - Zodiac Sign


Thank you for sticking till the end love you and bye 💋