Hello Dreamers! I am back with another article! I thought I might do a bucket list, and try to do most of these throughout the next 5 - 10 years. Anyway, here it is; ❥ My Bucket List...

Live In A Cosy Apartment In Paris

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A cozy apartment while eating pancakes and drinking coffee on a sunny Sunday morning...

Get A Husky or Golden Retriever

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The name would either be Spider or Mela

Go On A Road Trip With A Bestie

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Why not travel the country and beyond, creating unforgettable memories?

Visit The Harry Potter Universal Studios Of Orlando

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I am a massive Potterhead, so this is a must for me

Become An Architect

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I adore Architecture and I would love to become an Architect one day

Travel The World With A Best Friend

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Visit a few countries and make plenty of friends along the way...

Open A Bakery / Cafe

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Baked treats, drinks and bread would stock the shelves of my future bakery / cafe

Find True Love

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Another one of mine on the list I'd love to achieve

That finishes off my list. Hope you all enjoyed! Here is my articles collection if you want to check it out!

Amearli xoxo