I wasn't 100% sure on what I wanted to write about when this idea came to me, so I hope you enjoy!

happiness & living
It means living your life to the fullest, to be happy, if you're doing what makes you happy, that's a full life, that is a life worth living.


Happiness is something that makes you love living, it's something that you enjoy and are passionate about, something like, music, art, math, swimming, gymnastics, running, writing, reading, working, baking, photography, etc.

To me, a part of my happiness comes from swimming.
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It's something that makes me feel free.

Are You Living?

Something that keeps you grounded, something that makes you feel complete, whether that be a relationship, a job, a family member, an animal, etc.
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Something that keeps me grounded is my cousin, she had been my rock for a really long time, we're really close, best friends for life and eternal soul mates, I am really thankful to her and she makes me happy.

Are You Full?

Living life to the fullest is something really important, it's like having an endless bucket list for life, but you aren't planning it all out. When you want to live life and experience it for what it is, you will be able to complete things that may have once seemed impossible, ex. making new friends, trying something new, or even starting fresh, they all take immense courage!
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For me, it was taking toxic people out of my life, it took a while, I was sad for a couple months and I though it was never going to get better, I thought I made the worst decision ever, but then things started getting clearer, I was happier when I realized I did the right thing, getting out of a toxic friendship, and now I'm 100% happier! It just takes a little courage & time! I'm now free, and feel like I can do anything and someone that I cared about couldn't judge me anymore. I don't feel trapped any longer!


Life to you could be getting up early, working out, eating healthy, eating junk food, being active, being creative, finishing you're homework, getting that A, going to bed early, self care, reading a book, exploring, loving, caring, it could be many things.
All that matters, is if you love it, and if you don't; change it, it could range from being something as little as getting a hair cut or changing your style, to moving countries, maybe deleting social media.
It's all about finding your confidence and loving yourself, you can only love others once you truly love yourself, and you can do it, you can love yourself. Yes, it's going to take time, I'm still on that path, but I know you can do it, everyone has a chance, if you don't like where you're heading you can change it, you have the power to do it, I promise you!
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For me, I started working out, not only does it release my stress but it makes me feel healthier, there's so many things I've been doing to make myself feel better, and I'm hoping one day I'll love myself completely.

I Love You!

I hope that everyone knows that there's someone out there that loves them, or that will love them, and if not, here's you sign, I know that each and every person will come out successful if you're honest and kind, so just live your own way and you will always find happiness. Be yourself, and as long as you try your hardest people will know your worth, you can do anything!
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Even though this whole thing may be cheesy I had a hard time realizing this myself, I want to make sure others know their worth!💞

Anyways! If you had the patience to read this thank you! and I hope you all have a wonderful life! I hope you all will eventually become happy, and stay happy! If you ever need to talk just dm me!

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Love, Mads 💓