i made this with my friend @honoragrace! inspired by the gang and their adventures; ideal during long, rural car rides.
(the bold ones are my favorites.)

edge of seventeen - stevie nicks
crooked teeth - death cab for cutie
meet me in the woods - lord huron
team - lorde
the mortal boy king - the paper kites
soldier, poet, king - the oh hellos
milk & sticks - boy & bear
janglin - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
doe, jane - shakey graves

cottage, preppy, and english image Temporarily removed

the wild hunt - the tallest man on earth
a convocation of fauns (a faunvocation, if you will) - the oh hellos
grow - the oh hellos
second chances - gregory alan isakov
that sea, the gambler - gregory alan isakov
blue ridge mountains - fleet foxes
virginia may - gregory alan isakov
heart - flor
castle on the hill - ed sheeran

Image by ø alta et secreta silvarum ø clouds, landscape, and nature image

bloody shirt - to kill a king
what i like about you - the romantics
we didn't start the fire - billy joel
only the good die young - billy joel
big black car - gregory alan isakov
henrietta - the fratellis
that's what's up - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
trouble - cage the elephant
into the wild - lewis watson

Flagged For Review forest, green, and tree image


that's everything for now! it's always growing, of course. we've co-created a handful of other playlists, too, for various characters. they slap if i do say so myself. i might make articles for them as well.