Holaaa sweetie pies
Today I will tell my ist of things that I want to do before I die.
Leeet's do this!

Go to a wedding
Dye my hair to a peach/pink color
wedding, pink, and rose image hair, pink, and hairstyle image hair image Image by ❥ Bambi
Go to all disneyand parks in the world
disneyland and girl image disney, tokyo disneyland, and it's a small world image cute, disneyland, and starbucks image blonde hair, castle, and disneyland image
Go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
See Hamiton
harry potter, hogwarts, and drink image broadway, drama, and hamilton image broadway, hamilton, and musical image dragon, harry potter, and diagon alley image
Publish a book
Live in New York
book and autumn image city, new york, and nyc image city, new york, and travel image book, coffee, and study image
Eat black ice cream
Eat pizza in Italy
black, food, and ice cream image pizza, food, and italy image food, pizza, and aesthetic image comida, delicioso, and helado image
Jump on a parachute
Skinny dip
beach, ocean, and summer image alone, freedom, and fun image cliff, good times, and life image sky, fly, and skydiving image

I know some of them are silly ,I hope to continue adding more things to mi list.
Hope you like this articles , you can see my others