A ~ Another Day Of Sun (La La Land)

yellow, car, and vintage image hollywood, city, and hipster image

B ~ Breaking Free (High School Musical)

red image breaking free, high school musical, and HSM image

C ~ Cell Block Tango (Chicago)

britney, crime, and quote image chicago, girls, and cicero image

D ~ Dead Girl Walking (Heathers)

window, girl, and night image Image by we were born to live

E ~ Ease on Down the Road (The Wiz)

yellow, Wizard of oz, and yellow brick road image blue, dress, and aesthetic image

F ~ Four Jews in a Room Bitching (Falsettos)

musical theatre, love, and falsettos image bisexual, lesbian, and choose image

G ~ Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)

tavern image beauty and the beast, disney, and gaston image

H ~ Hard To Be The Bard (Something Rotten!)

Inspiring Image on We Heart It broadway, musicals, and christian borle image

I ~ It Must Be Believed To Be Seen (Charlie And The Chocolate Factory)

charlie and the chocolate factory image wonka, golden ticket, and chocolate image

J ~ Just Around The Riverbend (Pocahontas)

lake, nature, and tree image Image by mattamanga

K ~ Killer Queen (We Will Rock You)

we will rock you image brown, leopard, and photography image

L ~ Life On Mars? (Lazarus)

david bowie image sky, planet, and moon image

M ~ Mamma Mia (Mamma Mia)

architecture, minimalism, and building image sea, bird, and ocean image

N ~ Now Or Never (High School Musical 3: Senior Year)

high school musical and wildcats image Basketball image

O ~ One Day More (Les Miserables)

les miserables, broadway, and musical image blood, death, and france image

P ~ Prologue: Into the Woods (Into the Woods)

forest, green, and tree image feet, aesthetic, and dress image

Q ~ Quintet (West Side Story)

greasers, darry, and steve randle image Image by 🍒𝖌𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖊

R ~ Revolting Children (Matilda)

alice, song, and stage image Image by Kaley

S ~ Seasons Of Love (Rent)

black, glee, and good image rent and seasons of love image

T ~ The Other Side (The Greatest Showman)

gif, the greatest showman, and zac efron image hugh jackman, zac efron, and the other side image

U ~ Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid)

sea, blue, and ocean image animals, crabs, and cute animals image

V ~ Vuelie/Let the Sun Shine On (Frozen)

fashion, girly, and hair image castle, snow, and aesthetic image

W ~ Wait For It (Hamilton)

blue, broadway, and hamilton image hamilton, broadway, and renee elise goldsberry image

X ~ --- none ---

Y ~ You're In The Band (School of Rock)

boy, broadway, and city image school of rock, tacky, and funny image

Z ~ --- none ---