So I have seen people posting these articles and I really liked it!
So I decided to join in and make one myself.
(This is my first article, so please be nice) <3


  • Name: Jessica
  • Nicknames: Jessi, Jess, The-German-Girl
  • Zodiacsign: Virgo
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 1.68m
  • Weight: 53kg
  • Ethnicity: Half German-Half Korean


  • Likes: animals (vegetarian), books, animes, movies, manga, superheros, "nerd" stuff
  • Dislikes: animal cruelty, too little sleep, drama
  • Hobbys: reading, eating, swimming, sleeping, yoga
  • Skills: speaks german, english, korean and japanese fluently, rapping skills like nicki minaj, dancing, baking
  • Friends: members of the group, Blackpink, BTS (especially J-Hope), Amber Liu, Jessi, etc.
  • Family: big family, one older sister and brother
  • Sexuality and Relationship: Bisexual, not too many people know about it; single
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INFP-T. I would be a pretty chill person to be around. A person one can talk to about everything. Someone who deeply cares about their friends and family. Just a really, really good friend. But sometimes the german girl would come threw, regarding punctuality, etc. I would be sassy and cute at the same time. But I would also struggle with my self-esteem because of my weight.


  • Eyes: heterochromatic eyes, 1/2 brown-blue (right eye), blue (left eye)
  • Hair: long-bob, changing haircolor
  • Style: urban, cool, relaxed, sometimes boho
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The Group

  • Groupname: Project B (B for Badass)
  • Fandom Name: Bby
  • Stagename: Jazz
  • Concept: badass girl power
  • Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer
  • Dormroom: shares room with Moschi

Other Members

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Zoé, 23, Main Vocalist
korean, girl, and ulzzang image
Rizzo, 23, Leader, Visual, Rap and Vocal
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Moschi, 20, Maknae, Vocal