Warning: this is mainly my opinion, so please please let me vent and if you don't agree with me or find my opinion stupid just let it be. Also, I may have many mistakes in writing but I dont really careeeee. :)

June 17, 2018, Mexico vs Germany.
I trust Mexico more than I trust me or my family or friends. On the other hand, mexicans were pretty sure that we were going to lose by a big difference in goals. Let me tell you something about Mexico: they can be a great team, giving problems to the rival, but they tend sometimes to get overconfident and thats when they trouble themselves. So this match was amaaaaazing, Mexico won with a truly beautiful and clean game.

I hate it that people are saying "we won", I mean excuse me, but a) you talk trash about mexico in every game or b) you dont have a fricking idea about mexico, world cup or football and just want to act like you do. I am sorry but i really really really hate people that share memes about the match when i know they dont have a clue about how the match was or what it emotionally means for them. I defend with my life that football is indeed a beautiful game that gives lots of emotions, especially happiness, but people are just putting an excuse to drink, impress someone, or any other stupid action. Many of the people who cried or were surprised that Mexico won are because they werent believing in mexico. So if you didnt believe in them from the start, from the most difficult game that was expected a humilliating loss, even from the friendly matches that were a struggle, DONT COME AND ACT LIKE YOU ALWAYS SUPPORTED MEXICO.

I hate watching girls with a jersey on and uploading pictures just to fricking impress i guess boys. sorry but i hate it, and nope its not because of envy, its because they dont deserve to be wearing the crest. I wont say "oh youre worthy, youre not" this is not Mjolnir or Thor to be talking about that, but girls who do that, really lose my respect.

If you were offended by this post, i had already warned that it was a ranting and my opinion, so it is not my problem how you react.