I saw an article where the person spelled out there name with adjectives that described their personality. Thought I would give it a shot.

My Name is Karis

K- Klutzy

awkward and clumsy image Image by karis bandage, pastel, and cute image sailor moon, anime, and crybaby image
I bruise like a peach

A- Accepting

friends, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, and ross geller image open 24 hours, 24 hours neon, and white red neon sign image aesthetic, love, and couple image emma watson, Psycho, and logan lerman image
We are who we are for a reason

R- Ratty

messy, reckless, and text image girl, beauty, and freckles image food, noodles, and cup noodles image aesthetic, quotes, and orange image
No shame in my messy self

I- Imaginative

black and white, imagine, and john lennon image blue, ink, and ravenclaw image neon, quotes, and light image funny image
I'd like to think I'm a writer of sorts

S- Sarcastic

quotes, sarcasm, and art image friends, quotes, and funny image Abusive image girl and laugh image
The body's natural defense against stupid

My Username is Antisocialpan6a

A- Abnormal

alien, girl, and art image quotes, aesthetic, and universe image green, astronaut, and wallpaper image quotes and weird image
From another planet

N- Nerdy

batman, comic, and vintage image gif, book, and candle image book, love, and quotes image book image
90% of my diet is made up of fandoms

T- Tiny

friends, pink, and grunge image Image by karis badges, button, and circle image gif image
I was blessed with tiny breast and the height of an Imp

I- Improving

quotes, words, and better image wallpaper, bear, and book image gif, anime, and flowers image ambition, slytherin, and text image
I want to be someone my younger self would be proud of

S- Stubborn

quotes, van gogh, and passion image awesome, fist pump, and Breakfast Club image positive, tomorrow, and try image yellow, lemon, and aesthetic image
My beliefs are my own

O- Overthinker

aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It neon, sleep, and purple image arabic, broken, and Lyrics image
Naturally anxious

C- Curious

aesthetic and alice in wonderland image quotes, curious, and stay image quotes, curious, and walt whitman image chaotic, curious, and myth image
This world is growing curiouser and curiouser

I- Impish

bubbles, grunge, and aesthetic image Image by lŁUN₳.✰☏⚡︎ Image removed quotes, pink, and soft image
I solemnly swear I am up to no good

A- Adventurous

Image by ↠ ✧ Elisha ✧ ↞ crave, place, and quotes image autumn, travel, and fall image time, quotes, and need image
Baby thrill-seeker

L- Longing

flowers, rose, and pink image quotes image longing, Lyrics, and song image quotes, words, and grow image
I'm never satisfied

P- Patient

and, black, and filter image advice, lovely, and okay image cheer up, happiness, and happy image boy, aesthetic, and Basketball image
I will wait if the end goal is promising

A- Aquarius

zodiac sign and aquarius image quotes, problem, and care image Image by kookie. art, science, and wonder image
February 7th

N- Nymphomaniac

aesthetic, fantasies, and passion image art, boy and girl, and feelings image Image by rose abstract, drunk, and funny image
Just your run of the mill horny

D(6)- Depressed

dead, quotes, and sad image pills, pink, and drugs image aesthetic, alone, and anime image Image removed
This got depressing

A- Attentive

quotes, grunge, and bad image book, bath, and candle image black, grunge, and tumblr image Image removed
I was raised to show attentiveness towards the ones I love