Hi #LOVES, I know I said that the next article would be my playlist 2018, but it occurred to me to do this first (I will also do the playlist dont worry), in the month of September they are an article about an experience (IF YOU ARE CAMILIZER YOU HAVE TO READ IT), which I will be doing in Spanish and English.

Well, now let's start :

1. LAUV :
his most "famous" songs are: I LIKE ME BETTER, PARIS IN THE RAIN, etc ...
But like all the artists in this article, they deserve more recognition, they have great talent, the lyrics, the music and their voice are WONDERFUL

Image removed music, a different way, and lauv image

She is known for her song "DEAD", or for other reasons (we focus on music), but this girl has VERY VERY GOOD SONGS !, So please listen to them ♥.

Mature image madison beer, beauty, and makeup image

3. BAZZI :
is known for his song "MINE", which became popular this year (you so fuck *** precious when you smile).
But the truth is there are more songs that deserve to be better known, their lyrics are wonderful, please listen to them.

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GOD, AS I EXPLAIN THAT I AM BEGINNING TO OBSESSION ME WITH THE SONGS OF THIS MAN !!!, His best known song "idfc" or "DO RE MI", they are good but there are others much more beautiful! He is so good at expressing what you feel and do not know how to express it, PLEASE LISTEN TO HIM! ♥

blackbear, dog, and puppy image blackbear image

LOVE OF MY LIFE!,okay, getting more serious, this girl is amazing, Maybe you know it by "OCEAN EYES" or "COPYCAT" or "IDONTWANNABEYOUANYMORE", BUT her voice is so beautiful, her songs and what they are trying is so beautiful, she is also good at expressing what I feel (what we feel).

billie eilish, aesthetic, and billie image billie eilish and singer image

6. LORDE :
Well, most of you may know her, but this girl deserves more recognition, she writes in such a delicate and sensitive way (and not to mention how she sings), she writes very painful things for her young age, but each of her songs, They are art.

aesthetic, green light, and sound image ️lorde and melodrama image

Well, she also sings well, writes well, feels the songs in a unique way, each of her songs are beautiful, if you are in a stage of falling in love, breaking or something else, her songs are the ones for you.

bea miller image aesthetic, black and white, and mic image

Well, she does not have many known songs, but I swear you will fall in love with her lyrics, rhythm and voice.

cool, goals, and idol image idol and mxmtoon image

Some consider it rare because of its way of illustrating its videos, lyrics and some rhythms of songs, it is the kind of music that is worth listening to if you are looking for something new, and yes, too.

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