the fosters is a tv show that recently ended. and this is just a recommendation to others, who are looking for something to watch during summer.

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brief introduction

to begin with it's a family that consists of two mother's, lina and steph who have three children. one is brandon, who's steph's birth son and the two other's are jesus and mariana (twins) who are adopted. however, they will end up adopting two other children who's callie and jude. that's all you really got to know about the fosters to begin with (tbh).


this show contents way too much to write one paragraph about it. there's so many different themes, which is no surprise as it is a family of seven. the show is truly realistic. the fosters, just like any other normal family deals with money issues, problems at work or school and teenagers that get into trouble. it certainly does have its own choice of themes within the show, as it can't be completely relatable to your daily life. but in a width way it can.

for example one of the characters were dealing with issues at school, but the show proves that it's not the end of the world. personally, that hit me.

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"dna doesn't make a family, love does" - lina adams-foster

but what the fosters mainly prove, is the value of family. it proves us that no matter what, your family will be there for you. unconditional love. that even if you have something to tell you parents that they don't want to hear, you still can tell them. even if you might betray or hurt your own sibling, they will still forgive you. that whatever you want to do, your family will support you.

this show truly proves how strong the bond of a family is.

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"ohana means family. family means no one gets left behind or forgotton." - stitch

this show made me realise one thing and that is that in 10 years i will miss the life i have now. i will miss my family. that's because nothing will be the same after you've moved out, you won't be able to see your family as much, you won't have dinner with them everyday and you won't be able to talk to them face to face everyday either.

so much will change and this show came with the message that i have to enjoy the time i have now as much as i can. and i will.

i want other's to experience this vision too and therefore give this tv show a try.

love, camilla

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