Hi folks! As some of you know I am a big avengers/marvel fan and I’ve wanted to do this tag for a very long time just that I am to lazy to do anything these days.

So let’s start!

favorite male character(s)?

gif image
Steve Rogers
tom holland, Marvel, and spiderman image
Peter Parker
iron man, tony stark, and Avengers image
Tony Stark
bucky and gif image
Bucky Barnes
thor, Avengers, and Marvel image
Loki and Thor odinson

This is like half of the male avengers lol
And don’t forget the one and only

daredevil, Marvel, and charlie cox image

Favorite female character(s)?

black widow, Avengers, and Marvel image
Natasha Romanoff
Avengers, background, and civil war image
Wanda Maximoff
jessica jones image
Jessica jones

Favorite villain(s)?

captain america, bucky barnes, and Marvel image
Winter soilder (not Bucky because he is a innocent bean)
gif, erik killmonger, and black panther image
Erik Killmonger
purple and killgrave image

Favorite avengers movie?

aesthetic, Avengers, and background image
Infinity war
Image by Alejandro
Age of ultron

Favorite marvel movie?

Avengers, captain america, and Marvel image america, capitan, and the winter soilder image
Captain America: winter soilder
background, Hulk, and Marvel image
Thor: ragnarok

Favorite marvel show?

Marvel, matt murdock, and daredevil image
aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image
Jessica jones

favorite avenger?

Abusive image
Captain America

favorite guardian?

Marvel and guardians of the galaxy image
Star lord


captain america, Marvel, and steve rogers image


aesthetic, films, and Marvel image
jeremy renner, black widow, and hawkeye image
captain america, iron man, and Avengers image
Stony (tbh I hate when ppl ship them as a couple like STOP IT THEY ARE JUST FRIENDS)

Favorite pair?

quicksilver, the avengers, and wanda maximoff image
The Maximoff twins
tom holland, spiderman, and Marvel image
Father and son

Just because this is the cutest man alive

thor, ragnarok, and chris hemsworth image