Hi kids! A lot of schools are ending for summer, and honestly, my summers always go by too fast and I can't remember one memorable thing I've done, so this year, I've decided to make a bucket list!

1. Grow a herb garden

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I've always wanted to grow a garden, and this is the perfect time! I also have time to tend to the growth of the plants. My favorite herbs consist of lavender, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and much more!

2. DIY skincare products

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Okay, I'm no expert, but there are thousands of hacks online and I'm praying that at least some of them work. So why not spend the summer testing some out? I've heard good things about baking soda and lemon masks, as well as tea tree oil-based masks!

3. Binge watch an entire season

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This one is my personal favorite. Summer means that there are dozens of new shows on Netflix! I'm working my way through Brooklyn 99, Arrested Development, and Jessica Jones. There are also some killer Netflix original movies available, like The Kissing Booth, and the new Lucy Liu one that I forgot the name of (oops!)

4. Start a collection of something

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Find something you're passionate about, and collect it! I have some friends that collect pennies, or postage stamps, but you can pick your own new and unique thing to collect! Personally, I keep postcards, dried flowers, crystals, and cacti!

5. Meet new people!

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Summer's all about getting to know your friends better, and getting to meet new people! Get to know the kids in your neighbourhood, or travel somewhere!

6. Try cooking a meal

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Cooking is a life skill and since you've got some time on your hands, why not learn now? You never know but one day you're going to thank yourself down the road.

7. Clear your wardrobe

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Summer means some new outfits, and that's going to take up some serious closet space! Clear out your winter gear, put it in storage or try and donate it! You'll have ample place for new stuff.