my name is jenny! hello.

j - jeans

fashion, girl, and style image flowers, aesthetic, and yellow image aesthetic, grunge, and jeans image girl, tumblr, and mirror image

e - embroidered dresses

art, elegant, and photography image dress, fashion, and rose gold image art, elegant, and photography image dress, elie saab, and fashion image

n - nylon stockings

black stockings, girl, and legging image girl, legs, and jeans image fashion, girl, and tights image black, clothes, and dress image

n - necklaces

Image by MahraaldIbm fashion, jewelry, and necklace image Image by Sharmeeyn♡Kefee girl, gold, and jewelry image

y - yellow rain boots

heart, rain, and rain boots image boots, mustard, and rain image boots, rain, and white image cold, snow, and train tracks image