When night arrives, and everyone is sleeping,
She sits on her bed and opens her notebook
Just to see disappointments,
stolen time and same mistakes.

But that wasn't what she read.
At the end, a page of good intentions and pretty compliments
Was the reason why she keeps people
Who keep hurting her.

The girl with the good heart,
People never took her seriously
nor gave her what she deserved.
But she still accepted the way they act towards her.

At hard times, people saw her drown in the ocean
But pretended they couldn't hear her screaming.
The waves kept coming,
but she managed to go back to the shore.

At good times, people smiled.
She needed to express her excitement,
"It's not a big deal," they say with a faded smile.
"I've done it before."

The girl with the good heart gave too much
To people who didn't appreciate it.
"Don't be surprised if you don't see me again," she told them,
But a laugh she received.

-written by me.