Lately I've been thinking about you in ways I never imagined I would.

I want to feel your skin against mine, as we lay in bed, leaving all our doubts behind.

I get that feeling that maybe I could show you the things that I've been too afraid to share with anyone else.

But if I want to do that, then I must go behind your back, and set all my past ties to mend themselves.

Just for you, I would sacrifice my innocence, so that you wouldn't know one of my biggest secrets.

It'd be alright though, because we could move on from those terrible notes. and find a new home, in which we can roam.

But I have to be sure I'm willing to make those bets, for they might linger in my head long after they've been feed,

And I need to know if you paint the same picture in your head, before I take one last lover to bed, so my fears can be laid to rest.