Hello! Here I leave my tag, I hope you like it. If we have things in common, send me a DM and be friends (excuse my English;)

  • A - Age:
20 image
  • B - Best feature:
eyes, makeup, and freckles image
My eyes and eyelashes
  • C - Color:
vans, shoes, and flowers image
Black and pink
  • D - Deepest Regret:

Because of shyness, I limit myself to certain things

  • E - everyday begins with:
food, theme, and aesthetic image
A goog breakfast
  • F- Favorite show

Teen wolf, riverdale, the originals, skam, skins and the fosters

  • G - Greatest accomplishment:

I feel like I have not had great achievements at all

  • H - Height

I'm 1.75 cm

  • I- In love with:
alternative, goals, and black image
The series and motorcycles
  • J- Job of my dreams:

Be a great doctor

  • K- kids I want:
kids, child, and baby image
I would like 4 (3 boys and a girl)
  • L - Last thing I ate:
food and pizza image
  • M -Magical power:

invisibility or mental reading

  • N -Number of brothers:

I have an older sister and a younger sister

  • O - One favorite song:
icon, lali esposito, and ️lali image
Reina - Lali
  • P - Person I last texted:
kendall jenner, gigi hadid, and model image
My best friend
  • R - Reasons to smile:
argentina nt and seleccion argentina image
My family, good people and football
  • S - Sexuality:


  • T- Time i wake up:

Normally at 9 a.m.

  • U - Underwear color:
Calvin Klein and black image
  • V - Vacation place:
city, travel, and beach image
Beach ♥
  • W - Worst habit:

Suffering from anxiety and bite my lips

  • X - X-rays I've had:


  • Y - Your favorite drink:
coffee, drink, and food image
Soda and latte
  • Z - Zodiac sign: