dudes you need to watch my personal favorite movies. and i legit have so many so if this article feels to long after ive written it im going to delete some and do a part 2

Coming of age movies:

  • Flipped
  • Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • Clueless
  • My Girl
  • Lady Bird
  • Love, Simon
  • Wild Child
  • The Duff
flipped, callan mcauliffe, and madeline carroll image Psycho, quotes, and grunge image Clueless, as if, and yellow image my girl, movie, and vintage image christina, lady bird, and quote image love simon, nick robinson, and simon spier image emma roberts, fuck off, and wild child image the duff, robbie amell, and wesley rush image


  • Me Before You
  • Love, Rosie
  • The Theory of everything
  • Beauty and The Beast
  • Everything, Everything
  • Letters to Juliet
  • 50 First Dates
  • Call me by your name
me before you, sam claflin, and emilia clarke image love, love rosie, and couple image the theory of everything, eddie redmayne, and Felicity Jones image emma watson, beauty and the beast, and disney image maddy, olly, and nick robinson image letters to juliet, amanda seyfried, and letters image Image by Mercede Lynn call me by your name, armie hammer, and timothee chalamet image


  • Every movie Adam Sandler has done (Happy Maddison Productions)

ex. Grown Ups 1 & 2

  • All 3 Pitch Perfect movies
  • We´re the Millers
  • The Simpsons movie
  • All Scary Movie
  • Johnny English Reborn
  • Rush Hour
  • The Cat in the Hat
Image by Spazzy McGhee fat amy, chloe beale, and pitch perfect image emma roberts, Jason Sudeikis, and Jennifer Aniston image homer, trip, and drugs image girl image Mature image

more Action ish

  • all Marvel movies like:

Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Avengers etc

  • Central Intelligence
  • Jumaji
  • Maze Runner
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Train To Busan
  • Spy Kids
black widow, captain america, and hawkeye image

Fantasy, Sfi-fi

  • Every Harry Potter movie
  • Fantastic Beasts and where to find them
  • Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
  • Passenger
  • Miss Peregrine´s home for Peculiar children
  • Maleficent
  • Percy Jackson
  • Journey to the center of the earth and the second one
  • Alice in Wonderland
harry potter, hermione granger, and hogwarts image gif, cara delevingne, and valerian image percy jackson, clarisse la rue, and sea of monsters image cat, alice in wonderland, and alice image
Ugh i have so many more but im going to stop here and do a second one with other genres including Family, Animation and Musical and i`ll add more to the genres ive mentioned here
So im going to do a part 2 and also one for only horror and thriller movies when its halloween, even tho there are a couple of months left

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