Hello everybody!
How are you nowadays? I am doing amazing right now because school just ended so I am spending my Summer Break. I thought that I would show you my summer morning routine. I haven't tried this routine, but I think it will work for me, or at least I hope to.

Wake up

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On school days I wake up at 6:20 but Thank God, I can sleep much more now. But I don't want to sleep through the whole day, so I have an alarm for 9:30, but when I have something to do in the morning I have it for 9:00.

Skin Care and Basic Stuff

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Then I go to the bathroom and wash my face and brush my hair. Usually, I put my hair up because I hate when it's on my face.


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I prepare myself a breakfast(or my mama does it for me) and I eat it while I scroll up my social media pages(Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and We Heart it). Then I go back to the bathroom and brush my teeth.


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After that, I go back to my room and spend half an hour in my bed reading my book. It's helping me wake up and be in a good mindset.

Get Dressed

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Then I get dressed. I pick up comfy clothes, which is suitable for doing yoga and working out for a bit.


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I do yoga for half an hour or for 1 hour if I am feeling like that. Then I will end my workout with a 10 minutes meditation.

Plan my Day

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After that, I go and have a quick shower if it's necessary, but when it isn't I sit down and plan my day. I am trying to write down, what I have to do for the day and start doing them.

Clean my Room

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I really hate messes, so I clean my room twice a day to avoid that. I have a little cat, who makes a big mess in my room so I have to do this.

Start Doing Things

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If I meet someone in the early hours I start preparing to meet them because it takes me a lot of time to get ready. Or If i have something to do as soon as possible I do that.


Watch Series

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There are days when I don't feel like doing anything. If I feel like that, I don't do anything for a bit and enjoy the restlessness of the summer and watch a film or a few episode in my favorite series.

That's all. I hope you liked it. I will write next Wednesday. Until then,
have a good time!
Kisses and Bye,