When I was younger I was bullied at school. Well for now I'm still different from the other childrens because I prefer different things. They didn't accept this as normal, and they thought I was, going to call it a mistake in the system. And I probably am. But I don't think it's bad. It's something that makes me myself. You have to be happy to be yourself because it will mean you are unique. We have to accept the different because everyone has their own story making them the persons who they are now. Here is my story...
Everything was going grate in the kinder-garden, I was happy kid with dreams and freedom. Well I actually started school a year earlier and that's when my problem started. Not exactly in the first few years, maybe around 7th grade. Some of my classmates used to joke about the fact that I'm a year younger calling me baby and ext. And you know when someone start doing something everyone else started too. At the beginning there was small jokes but day after day they've become deeper and I started feeling so bad. They joked about my clothes cuz I'm kinda sporty not with a typical girly style and old fashioned. About my eyes because I can't see very well (I'm short-sighted). About my music taste, favorite movies.. Even about the fact that I'm reading a lot of books. I still don't know why peoples think reading is bad but well who I'm I tell the others what to like? Though they used to do that a lot. The first year in high school was the hardest for me. I even wanted to change my school but I was afraid that I won't be accepted somewhere at all. Then there come my knee operation that almost broke me. I'm tennis player so sports are my whole life and this injury put me in a depression. And here comes my life choice. Some people decide to be sad and depressed. I decided to be happy again. That's the point of my story. That everyone have a choice. Choice to be happy again. Yea the life is a bitch as they tell it but we have to deal with that and try to make it better. From life I want to make something valuable. Life is too short to be sad and lonely so we have to find out way for happiness. You guys may know the quote

"Are you alive or just existing?"

So are you? We have to fight for who we are and for what we like. No one can tell us who we have to be. Only we decide that. And when we are sad we have to remember one thing

"Everything is okay at the end... If it's not okay this is not the end ."

I'll give you some tips that helped me find my happiness when I was sad .

1. Try to clear your head out of bad thoughts.

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2. Go somewhere for a day. Find a place that's makes you happy and if somehow you become sad again go to this place and feel the positive energy.

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3. More happy songs :)

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4. Talk more with your parents. They are the only persons who love and support us no matter what. Give yourself a time!

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5. The most important. Be yourself. Don't try to be something else just to be liked by some idiots. If they don't like the real you they don't deserve you. Smile more!

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Remember you are beautiful, brave, kind and unique no matter who tells you the opposite. Be happy and enjoy life!!

some positive quotes

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Thanks for reading <3