Guys, it's a bit late but hey, better late than never.

Fashion favourites
★ Short-sleeved red striped shirt from OVS
★ Long-sleeved big blue striped shirt from OVS
★ Light black trousers from OVS

Music favourites
★ Ride by Lana del Rey
★ Too late by Mimi
★ Euphoria by BTS
★ Fake love by BTS
★ Singularity by V (Taehyung) of BTS
★ So what by BTS
★ Perfect man by Shinhwa
★ Ma city by BTS
★ The truth untold by BTS ft. Steve Aoki
★ Very nice by Seventeen
★ Magic shop by BTS

Random favourites
★ Labello med repair SPF 15 (lipbalm)
★ Bristol notebook
★ Java power line 2500 (mild pink-green-yellow-blue-orange)
★ Call me by your name (book and movie)
★ Granny (Horror game on IOS and Android)
★ Pistacchio Ice-cream

Enjoy and feel free to search on internet the songs!!