This is the cleaning schedule that my mom pays me 80 dollars a week to do

- make my bed
- wash dishes
- take out trash
- wipe down kitchen counters
- one load of my laundry

monday- bathrooms
- clean toilet, sink, and shower
- clean mirror
- wash rugs
- replace towels
- sweep/mop floors

tuesday- livingroom
- sweep and mop
- straighten up shelves
- clean under couches
- vacuum furniture

wednesday- my bedroom(i dont do my moms or sisters bedrooms)
- change bed sheets
- sort dirty laundry
- put away clutter
- vacuum

thursday- hall and stairs
- wipe off washer and dryer
- declutter
- vacuum hallways and stairs

friday- kitchen
- clean counter tops
- clean stove top
- clean microwave
- sweep/ mop floor

weekend- outdoor work
- clean out car
- sweep porch