Hi today I am going to write an article about the TV show SUPERNATURAL,how I see myself as fictional character.
Lets start:

Name:Violette Lokotone
Zodiac Sign:Libra
Job:Hunter/Woman of letters


eyes, eye, and brown image girl, vogue, and pretty image aesthetic, indie, and grunge image lips, gold, and makeup image
brown hair,brown eyes,athletic body and soft lips


Image removed alternative, pale, and black image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and jeans image
realy loves jeans and 90' fashion


arrow, girl, and like image tattoo and body image creative, death, and earrings image girl and piercing image
underboob tatoos and cute piercings
art, paint, and colors image knife, art, and cutting image bedroom, cozy, and girl image Calvin Klein, shopping, and bag image
Interest: painting,hunting,sleeping and go shopping

Music Taste:

badlands, halsey, and grunge image music, grunge, and indie image aesthetic, disk, and grey image girl, music, and grunge image
alternative music


girl, quotes, and fight image Image by Alex sad, quotes, and happy image diamond, quotes, and break image
feminist,super chill,happy personality,but sad soul,high on self esteem


food, fries, and burger image Image by IlincaP⚡️💫 sky, sunset, and grunge image supernatural and impala image
food,everything that shines,looking at the sky at night and roadtrips


animal, background, and cat image peace, no violence, and love image pale, alternative, and cigarette image rain, grunge, and window image
animals,homophobic people,cigarettes and rain


crazy, quotes, and people image pink, bitch, and wallpaper image quotes, red, and words image drive, quote, and halsey image