Do you know that feeling, when you lay down in your bed and stare at the wall? You're confused about your own feelings, because you can't control them? They kinda control you, which keeps you awake at night.

You feel empty, but to the same time you're so full, you don't even know what's going on. You're just sad all the time and you're tired, not motivated to do anything.. especially in the morning when you wake up and all you wanna do is to stay in your bed till you know what's wrong with you.

You're thinking about yourself, your feelings and maybe even who made you feel the way you feel. But at the end, you give yourself the fault.

Literally no one noticed how tired you are. That you don't have any energy left and maybe that's the point about all of this. You feel lonely, not understood and everyone seems to ignore you and your feelings.

You laugh all day, with your friends, in class, on the phone and when you're with your family, but as soon as its night, you're alone and you're in your bed, you notice how dead you feel.

You can hear your heart beating, but you still feel so empty.. so drained out.

Is it just me, or does even breathing hurt? My heart feels heavy and everytime i breathe, i just wish i didn't. Everytime a tear left my eye, i wished myself someone could comfort me.. and understand me.

But it's actually your soul, which ist exhausted and tired.