When you don't have your license, it's hard to get a job so how are you supposed to make money? Here is how I make my money.

ugh. Everyone hates that word. but spending an hour or 2 a day can really get you some coins! I make 80 dollars a week just from doing chores. That's enough money for me to pay for my own phone, get my nails done, and buy little things here and there. I'll post the house cleaning schedule I follow after this. I just asked my mom how much I'd get for doing the schedule and she told me 80 dollars and I started getting to work. Honestly this is the most convenient so I highly recommend doing it.

platos closet, depop, etc
Just go through your closet and pick out anything you don't wear or want anymore. Then either sell it online and ship it off, or ask your parents to drive you to platos closet and sell them. It's quick money for anybody needing money on the spot.

dog walking
Your parents can put on their facebook that you will walk dogs and you'd be surprised how many people will pay you. I suggest a price of $15 for a 30 min walk. This way you get exercise and money!