go to a water park and spend the whole day there

aerial photography, overview, and parks image summer, girl, and turquoise image

watch a movie in drive-in cinema

couple, grunge, and car image love, couple, and car image

go through your closet and organize it, give away clothes you don't want anymore

Image by Kristaq Riste Lico fashion, girl, and style image

build blanket fort

light, bedroom, and room image cozy, autumn, and blankets image

attend live music concert or go to festival

Image removed beautiful, sorry, and coachella image

learn new language

education, duolingo, and learning image coffee, book, and study image

make perfect summer playlist

iphone, headphones, and apple image album, music, and styles image

have summer love

love, couple, and kiss image couples, summer, and love image

water balloon fight

summer, balloons, and fun image balloons, summer, and water image


stars, galaxy, and space image sky, stars, and night image

pool party

summer, friends, and pool image friends, pool, and grunge image

go on a picnic

food, summer, and beach image beach image

karaoke night

bar, fun, and retro image love, couple, and the 1975 image

spa day

bath, girl, and flowers image girl, friends, and beauty image

bake something

baking image couple, love, and kiss image

get a summer job

money, pink, and dollar image adventure, girl, and ice cream image

visit amusement park

fun and light image friends, girl, and pink image

read books

boho, books, and lovely image book, reading, and aesthetic image

stay up all night and watch a sunrise

clouds, orange, and sunrise image city, sunset, and sun image

have a sleepover

Image removed ariana grande, friends, and ariana image

take golden hour selfies

adidas, amazing, and beauty image icon, thalia bree, and rp image

dance in the rain

love, rain, and couple image Image by Taylor Marie Monroe


fire, marshmallow, and summer image love, couple, and fire image

get a tattoo

Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 beautiful, Hot, and love image

meet celebrity

boy, singer, and fan photo image hug, Harry Styles, and harrystyles image

start a blog

fashion, camera, and laptop image bed, blog, and blonde image

collect seashells

beach, ocean, and summer image summer, beach, and girl image

spend the whole day on a beach

summer, beach, and legs image beach, inspiration, and bikini image

get tan

summer, beach, and hat image summer, tan, and legs image

take a lot of pics

photography, camera, and summer image camera, beach, and pink image

talk to someone new and make new friends

girl, friends, and fashion image summer, girl, and beach image


girl, summer, and beach image Image by ℬomℬshellxdoll summer, girl, and friends image watermelon, fruit, and summer image summer, beach, and bike image beach, summer, and surf image
Don't worry about the things you would usually be worrying about. Never turn down a chance to swim or tan. Listen to music. Make it loud. Watch sunsets more than TV. Don't care about what people say about you, ignore them. Do something you usually wouldn't do. Kiss that boy you like. Stay up all night. Sleep in. Take risks or you will lose the chance. Sooner or later, summer will come to an end. Don't end summer with regrets. Make the most of it.