1. Pizza or Pasta?

food, pasta, and yummy image food and pasta image food and pasta image food and pasta image
Definitely pasta!

2. Coffee or Tea?

Image by Eugenia arizona, bottle, and drink image arizona, carefree, and tea image tea, drink, and food image
I don't like either but I do drink green tea and iced tea sometimes

3. Night in or Night out?

friends, cupcake, and donuts image autumn, fall, and cozy image squad, fashion, and bed image home, candle, and cozy image
Night in with a good movie or tv show and good food

4. Books or Movies?

book, books, and fiction image harry potter, hermione, and hermione granger image book, harry potter, and coffee image harry potter image
I couldn't choose! although books are usually better than the movies but i love both!

5. Summer or Winter?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It beach, holidays, and sand image summer, beach, and gold image best friends, ocean, and sea image

6. Breakfast or Dinner?

food, healthy, and vegan image table, candle, and dinner image girl, bff, and food image dinner, food, and lunch image

7. Vanilla or Chocolate?

cake, chocolate, and city image Image by Liza Neuberger chocolate, food, and yummy image food and ice cream image

8. Yoga or Running?

girl, running, and fitspo image fitness, run, and running image nike, running, and fitness image fitness, fit, and run image
Running. Yoga stresses me out!

9. Sweet or Savory?

beans, food, and orange image food and noodles image food, healthy, and vegan image food, vegan, and pizza image

10. Nike or Adidas?

adidas, aesthetic, and brand image cool, nice, and sweet image Image by sofia_giaccio31 adidas, blue, and fashion image

Hope you enjoyed!