Day 3 | 30 Days Writing Challenge

We've all been in a situation wherein a certain attitude or a particular person annoys us. We can't help it. As for me, here are three things that really gets up my nerve.

People who don't appreciate things.

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Okay, let's be honest here, who wants to be with someone who can't appreciate the things that they have in life? Whether big or small, a certain thing or situation is given and thrown at you for a reason. And whether it'll turn out to be the way you wanted it or not, still that experience of yours molded you into the kind of person that you are now and also, that piece of experience is vital for the growth that you will be needing in your future. Anyways, this does not only limit to experiences. People who also can't, won't or don't appreciate the earthly things that they have sometimes annoys me. I'm not saying that one should be materialistic here, okay. What I'm trying to say is that people tend to forget sometimes as to how blessed they are to have things that the majority of the population don't acquire. Things like food, shelter, WiFi, cellular phone, decent amount of clothes etc. It's not hard to say your 'thank yous' to the One above and to the people who provided you with these things with. And knowing that you have these kind of advantage over the others, I think it's not hard to help and give back in time as well to some people in need.

When one invalidates the feelings / opinions of others.

We all have different perspective in life but that doesn't give you the right to look down and belittle others just because you don't agree and see things the way they see it. Just be kind and gentle into pointing out your views and opinions (unless it's a debate then you really need to put your A-game) and be a little more understanding because the world needs a little bit more of that. A little kindness won't hurt.

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When respect is no longer visible.

Were you in a situation wherein you were disrespected by other people just because of your race or your skin color or your body shape? Or maybe because you were weird at one point or just introvert at that time? Or have you've seen someone being disrespected for some certain reason? It's sad to see that people nowadays wants you to conform in this world - their world rather - and that when they see someone who thinks or gets outside the box and be unique, they get frustrated and bring you down and everyone around you. They show you how superior they are and how you should just "stay where you originally are." It frustrates me to see these kind of people 'cause first, not everything revolves around you. Second, everything you do will always gravitate back to you. Karma will get back at you, you know and lastly, it not only lessens the self-esteem of others but could also potentially destroy a person's life whether physically, spiritually, emotionally etc.I just want my readers to know that respect is not a privilege but a thing to be earned. Please be kind to one another and that always choose love above all else. It may take some time to see the positive results but I know you'll get there and that you'll be much more blessed with things that you didn't imagine having.

So I guess I'll have to end here. Sorry for the messy thoughts and the not-so-cohesive article. Anyways, spread some love, happiness and positivity to others.

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